You’re Next (2011)

This movie could have been good if not for a few things

  1. the killers sucked – really a bunch of shitty ex military dudes with dollar store masks and crossbows that’s the best thing you could do what ever happened to the tormented soul back from the dead for revenge or the truly evil person
  2. why have a mask if you are going to take it off constantly that’s just dumb keep it of those things are hard to see out of
  3. anyone could guess the plot within the first 20 minutes


The Burning (1981)

Basically just Friday the 13th with George Costanza. Some kids at a camp burn an ugly guy making him uglier. That uglier guy comes back and kills all the horny camp kids while they try to fuck each other. Apparently Tom Savini turned down Friday the 13th pt. 2 to work on this, so thats cool I guess.



mouth rot took a field trip yesterday to the nightmare gallery in Salem Mass.
although there were no pictures allowed inside the monster museum, its def worth the 8 bucks to get in.
with scenes and life size replicas from multiple different awesome horror movies there’s something there for everyone.
GO ! and if you’re caught taking pictures you’ll get thrown out. so don’t be an asshole


Good news for horror fans everywhere


Rob zombie claims to be taking a break from horror

I would like to speak for all of the MoĆ¼th Rotters when I say Good we never wanted you and your shitty spastic movies how the hell can someone be so bad at ripping others off how can someone make only remakes and consider them selfs original stick to making shitty music for middle schoolers old man



Nightmare on elm street 2

Freddy 2 the story of Jessie this kid is so cool Freddy forgets all about nightmares and focuses on getting inside Jessie after spanking his s&m gym teacher and getting turned off when his lady friend lets him get to second base he sneaks into his man friends bed to ask him to watch him while he sleeps ( how romantic ) man friend dies ( how sad ) Jessie then returns to his lady friends birthday parts Freddy really gets in him good he makes the party way better then we find out that Freddy fucking hates love the end this movie felt like watching a episode of saved by the bell