The Burning (1981)

Basically just Friday the 13th with George Costanza. Some kids at a camp burn an ugly guy making him uglier. That uglier guy comes back and kills all the horny camp kids while they try to fuck each other. Apparently Tom Savini turned down Friday the 13th pt. 2 to work on this, so thats cool I guess.


Street Trash (1987)

a bunch of homeless people fight each other over money and booze until they stumble across a $1 drink that makes them to melt into a puddle of neon goo that sort of looks like the toxic avenger. Oh and there’s an unfriendly homeless Vietnam vet with ptsd named Bronson who lives in a junkyard and cuts off a guys dick. I think a fat guy fucks a dead girl too. The end.



Willow Creek

A documentary thats not really a documentary about bigfoot that’s a lot like the blair witch project but isn’t the blair witch project. I think you see boobs at the end but I’m not sure. Most of the movie is spent in a tent with the most bro dude bigfoot believer ever and his crying girlfriend who doesn’t want to be his wife. Basically just a breakup movie with bigfoot in the background.


Bad milo

A movie about a man with a monster that lives up his ass and comes out to kill when the man gets stressed out and it’s not a crummy troma flick it’s full of ass humor and as one point the mans ass eats a doctors face off best scene in the movie



Escape tomorrow

Filmed at Disney Land without permission is this poorly planed turd about a father who follows 13 year old girls around and hardly go’s on any rides and just all around annoyed me for the duration of the movie about nothing where nothing happens and nothing make sense I hate Disney land and I hate escape tomorrow



A Return to Salems Lot

A journalist a spoiled brat and a elderly nazi hunter find them in a town of vampires this is a sequel to Salems lot that has nothing at all to do with Salems lot It’s mostly the guy from island of the alive yelling at vampires


The gate 2 trespassers

Terrence is a older now and he wants to open the gate again no clue why he succeeds gets some wishes they turn to shit he turns into a demon dies comes back from the dead and steals his high school bully’s girlfriend this movie was fucking stupid all the cool things about the gate were left out of this stinker

Terrance is not even a metal head anymore 😦


In the Mouth of madness

some guy makes a map out of book covers to find another guy then goes to a fake town where everything is weird and the children are ugly
he finds his way back to reality then finds his ass in an asylum and draws all over himself with sharpie.
it’s good