The gate 2 trespassers

Terrence is a older now and he wants to open the gate again no clue why he succeeds gets some wishes they turn to shit he turns into a demon dies comes back from the dead and steals his high school bully’s girlfriend this movie was fucking stupid all the cool things about the gate were left out of this stinker

Terrance is not even a metal head anymore 😦


In the Mouth of madness

some guy makes a map out of book covers to find another guy then goes to a fake town where everything is weird and the children are ugly
he finds his way back to reality then finds his ass in an asylum and draws all over himself with sharpie.
it’s good


Warm body’s 2013

A guy poorly made up to be a zombie (looks and acts more like a budget Edward scissor hands I want to punch him in the face ) picks up a girl half the move is them getting to know each other then they fight cgi skeletons who look like they are made of brownie mix love cures the zombies that’s fucking bullshit if you’ve ever seen pleasantville this is the same exact movie

He even has the lip scars that Edward had