Tower of Evil

A group of hippies go to a abandoned tower on a desolate island to bang and get high only one survives but she is left completely insane a group of what seem to be douchbags. unfaithful housewife’s and a dude dressed as a pirate go back to the island some more shit happens


Lizzie 2013

Apparently if you live in Fall River and name your kid Lizzie the spirit on 1892 Lizzie Borden consumes them to get revenge with a crappy hatchet and some bad special effects.
Also apparently if you watch the whole movie then tell someone it wasn’t good it erases your entire GODDAMN NETFLIX QUEUE. to get revenge on you.
WHY Lizzie.. why?!
(5 out of 5, give me back my que please I’m sorry)

PS. Gary Busey played Andrew Borden and he did a rape scene. it was terrifying.
those teeth and crazy eyes, yikes.



American Mary

When you read the words body modification on a movie description you know it’s going to be ugly but I hit play anyway it’s starts out like a strong rape revenge and quickly turns into a pointless attempt in looking cool by people who try vary hard to look cool in place of any type of story also wtf was with the Bettie Boop


(1nipple ring out of 5)