T is for Turbo

I have so little faith that filmmakers will get there shit together but there things that make me eat my words. I was turned on to the ABC’s of Death and this happens to be a anthology of 26 directors who have made shorts films that get voted on by folks and from what I’ve seen its damn awesome. I’ve been busy of late trying to folks laugh with me instead of at me, made some progress little but still its an improvement. Take some time to watch some short films instead of watching a god damn remake!

T is for Turbo is five minutes of pure entertainment with an early troma feel, keep in my this short has entertained me more than any mainstream film has done in a long time. Who knows maybe will be remaking this in thirty years and some poorly educated knucklehead will rail against it long after Im dead or just given up on the state of films.

Like I always say, I hope I can tell someone smarter than me and they can do something about it.

T is for TURBO from RKSS.tv on Vimeo.