some people just want to watch the world burn

This movie was insane i never would have thought they could ever have made a comic book movie i could refer to as brutal the characters all stayed true to the comic when your a nerd like me you lived your life waiting for something like this to come along anyway joker is the best villain ever

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Killer’s Coming To Get You

I must admit that I started watching this movie thinking it was going to suck. I hate Jamie Lee Curtis, but the movie sucked me in with its generic 80’s slasher style. It starts out with a little girl falling out of a third story window…you hardly ever see children die in movies which is sad cause I always wish they would. There are some things you must keep an eye out for in this movie, first of which is the goofy bully character, this guy has gopher teeth and feathered hair. I have no idea who plays him and I’m to lazy to look it up but ohhhh man is he dumb looking. The second is the very funny disco dancing. You can’t have a prom movie without dancing. And the last reason why I like this movie is the ending. I love when movies end this way even if you see it coming from the beginning.

The Eye Sucks

The eye 2008 is the story of a ungrateful blind bitch who is not just given the gift of sight after a lifetime of being blind but she is granted the blessing of seeing dead people. If I were granted the gift of seeing ghosts it would be a huge relief to know there was an after life possibly a heaven but all Jessica Alba can do is bitch and cry. The movie makes a reference to The Sixth Sense wich in my opinion is proof of guilt that the people behind this movie know they were ripping off M. Night Shyamalan . This movie feels more like a tween coming of age story than a thriller its full of cheap shots but the ghosts are pretty cool but watching this movie might make you wish you were blind .

it makes American j-horror remakes look worse

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